Saturday, May 22, 2010

Thought I'd add a little about my daughter since this blog has mainly been about my hurt and Bodhi.

My fiance's name is Bill (William), and my daughters name is Eilish Sienna. Eilish was born on the 5th June 2002. We started TTC #2 in Dec 2002. So a long time ago.

Eilish started developing as a child normally would but we started seeing small changes in her at first. Just shortly after her 18 month needles. We tried to think nothing of it. Then we got her hearing tested when she was 28 months the waiting list was insane for that. We finally got that tested when she was 36-38 months. We noticed more and more she wasn't developing like everyone Else's child. By then she'd lost all of her speech, and a lot of her understanding. She started doing odd gestures and repetitive things. By the time she was 3 we knew something was wrong but the GP wasn't willing to do much. We went higher and used the local Kindy to get some leeway. Finally after another 7 months waiting list we got to see a doctor. He was a specialist at the Women's and Children's in Adelaide. The asshole called her an oddball and stupid while she was in the room with us for her diagnosis. If i wasn't so upset and in tears by what he called our daughter I'd have knocked him clean over. We left that feeling rather angry and scared. We didn't want to go see another doctor. After that she started kindy. the kindy helped us a lot found us a wonderful team of doctors who knew what happened to us previously. We got her diagnosis of Autism when she was 4.

Its a hard road. We do a lot of it alone. Hardly anyone helps us with respite (i.e the grandparents) and i home school her currently. But beggars cant be choosers. I am happy we have our daughter. She is a blessing even though that's hard to see sometimes.

Our journey together as lovers (myself and my man) hasn't been an easy one. Its been filled with heart ache, hurt, devastation and everything else for a while now.

I just wonder when things are going to get easier for us. I hope that's soon. I hope our bad luck is almost over i don't know how much more sorrow i can take.

My gorgeous little girl <3



  1. i'm sorry for the rudeness and insensitivity you had to deal with. so glad she had a good kindy class. she is a lovely girl!